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Side by Side is a regional public charter school located in the heart of downtown South Norwalk. As specified in our charter, our integrated student population reflects the diversity of our surrounding community. The 235 students of Side by Side, grades Pre-K through 8th, represent several surrounding Connecticut towns and cities.

Like all charter schools, Side by Side functions independently from any local or traditional public school system. At Side by Side, our innovative approaches toward education allow us to actively and equally involve parents, teachers, and students in our day-to-day operations.

April 2018

Dear SBS Families,

Happy spring! It is already that time when we need to begin preparing for the next school year. The 2018-19 School year will be here before you know it.  
• School calendar for 2018-19 school year: The SBS 2018-19 school year calendar has been approved by the Side by Side Board of Directors.  The calendar includes 180 days for students and continues with school-breaks and closures similar to what has been included in prior years’ calendars.  
• FY19 Budget: The Side by Side Finance Committee (sub-committee of our Board of Directors) will begin to forecast revenues and expenses for the next school year.  Our annual school budget will be presented to our Board at the May 22nd meeting.
• Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) and Next Generation Science Standards Assessment: Side by Side will be administering the SBA to all students in Grades 3-8 during the period 4/24 – 5/17.  Students in Grades 5 and 8 only will take the NGSS Assessment on 4/19.  A more detailed letter regarding these assessments will be sent home next week.
• Testing season “KICK-OFF” celebration: On Monday, 4/23 we will be planning a special day for students to celebrate their accomplishments and to prepare for their forthcoming assessments. Stay tuned.    

New Upper School Building construction–UPDATE:  In addition to our routine planning for a new school year we find ourselves nearing the conclusion of a major building project. I am pleased to report that he William O. Murphy Upper School at Side by Side continues to be on schedule for opening in fall 2018.  Once the current school year concludes, the current Annex building is scheduled for demolition in late June.  The final phase for this project will include site work such as paving and landscaping in the area surrounding the new building. 

At this time we are still exploring several options for the most efficient and safest means of dropping-off/picking-up students for the 2018-19 school year and beyond.  Although the approved temporary plan has worked to our satisfaction, there are many other factors the must be considered before agreeing to a permanent plan.  We will keep you posted throughout the summer.

Side by Side Middle School “HONOR ROLL”:
We are pleased to announce the 6-8 grade recipients of our academic achievement awards for the second marking period of the school year. Students who receive the award for high honors have earned a minimum of  all “A”s with the exception of one B in all of their classes. Students who receive the award for honors may earn any combination of “A”s and “B”s in all of their classes. Finally, students who receive an effort award have received the mark of “C” for consistent in the Life Skills categories: Behavior, Cooperative Learning, Participation and Work Completion.

SBS Winter Marking Period SBS Honor Roll

HIGH HONORS: Brian Muralles, Dinyar Unvala, William Socci, Samantha Stone, Isabella Cuartes, Ryan Buzzee, Laura Weiss

HONORS: Alex Ordonez, Camilla Sanchez, Jadania Mann, Jasmine Molleda, Reighn Montagnesi, Zachary Preval, Jose Garcia, Onjolie Bedoja, Isaiah Joseph, Eduardo Chavez-Baez, Jennifer Traore, Miranda Silva-Mezza, Victoria Silva-Mezza

EFFORT: Delanney Ventura, Dinyar unvala, Jasmine Molleda, Olivia Allen, Jose Garcia, Onjolie Bedoja, William Socci, Carla Pol-Ventura, Samantha Stone, Isabella Cuartas, Jennifer Traore, Laura Weiss, Miranda Silva-Mezza, Victoria Silva-Mezza, Ryan Buzzee


Thank you,
Mr. Nittoly